Usage Tips and Guidelines

WebStar Five offer free listing for online services providers. Please read the straight forward guidelines on how to list your services on this directory:

Guidelines and tips:

  1. List a company or business and not products or services
  2. The listing title must be the legal company or business name
  3. The description should include the following subheadings, About us, services offered and how to apply for the services
  4. Keyword must be single general word that explain best the industry your business belong, 2 to 3 words separated by comma are enough
  5. The URL must be the link to your home page of the official company or business website or blog
  6. Please enter data for all required fields with red asterisk
  7. Assign the most relevant category and do not exceed the allowed threshold
  8. The default image must be company logo or banner
  9. The recommended docs attachment are brochure or any other company or business profile related info
  10. Enter business or company office location for Google Map, enter at least street address, city and country
  11. No multiple listings are allowed for the same company or business unless you are listing the subsidiary or branch offices
  12. Listing that violate rules will be removed and if the violation is repeated the membership will be permanently blocked

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